What's in a StoxBoxs?

Each StoxBoxs contains undershirts, socks, and underwear from top brands in your choice of style. Soap, deodorant, dental floss, and a toothbrush from top brands and rising new comers. 

Unlike other box subscriptions StoxBoxs carries the essentials we use every day, and all the items are designed for daily use. 

  • Convenient

    StoxBoxs takes the hassle and time out of buying the daily essentials we all need.


    Save over 30% off retail by using StoxBoxs for all your daily necessities.


    StoxBoxs is focused on providing the products that we all need in our daily lifes.

    Every year we should be swapping out our socks, underwear, and t-shirts. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months, and hopefully we're all using soap and deodorant!

  • StoxBoxs is the easy, convenient, and affordable way to get the things you really need. Your daily essentials delivered right to your door.

    Don't take our word for it.

    • Chris

      Buying some daily items like soap and dental floss was never a priority until I ran out. StoxBoxs has made it simple for me to make sure I never run out of these things again. 

    • Stacy

      I was tired of my husbands old underwear and socks. I was also tired of having to go out and buy them myself. StoxBoxs solved both of those problems.