Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does StoxBoxs work?


StoxBoxs is a quarterly or monthly subscription that makes having all your daily essentials easier than ever. You simply select your size/style preferences and every quarter or every month you receive a StoxBoxs filled with enough essentials to last until your next one arrives.


2. What’s in a StoxBoxs?

StoxBoxs are designed for daily life, and as such contain the necessities we all need. This includes underwear, socks, and t-shirts from top brands along with a toothbrush, and enough soap, deodorant, and floss to last 3 months. In addition, each StoxBoxs contains additional items to help you get through daily life. This could be anything from lotion or cologne to wallets and belts.


3. Are the same products in every StoxBoxs?


StoxBoxs are designed to foster the discovery of new products and brands, so every box will look different than the last. Even within the same box there could be an assortment of different brands.


4. Are there sign-up fees?

There are no sign-up fees, and your subscription can be cancelled anytime with no charge!


5. How does shipping work?


We offer free shipping within the US! We work to full-fill your order within 24hrs, and you’ll receive a tracking number as soon as your packages ships. The majority of StoxBoxs will be received within a week of ordering. If there are ever any shipping delays we will notify you immediately.



6. What if there’s something wrong with my StoxBoxs?

If there are any problems with your StoxBoxs or the products it contains, simply shoot us an email and we’ll correct the issue immediately!