Meet the CEO


Kris Jackson started StoxBoxs with a simple goal. Provide men with the daily essentials we all need in the most affordable and convenient way possible. While attending West Chester University, Kris would receive care packages from his mom that had all the daily necessities. After graduating and moving to NYC, this tradition continued. It wasn’t long before he was a full-grown man in his 30’s stealing body wash and toothbrushes on weekend visits to his parent’s house. Once COVID hit and trips to the store or pilfering through his parent’s bathroom became monumental task, he decided there had to be an easier way. It was then that StoxBoxs was born, based on three simple principles. Necessity, affordability, and convenience. StoxBoxs contains the products that we all need on a daily basis, such as underwear, soap, and a toothbrush. Each StoxBoxs represents a 30% savings compared to retail, and what could be more convenient than having all these essentials delivered straight to your door?


“You’re buying all this stuff anyway, why not save a trip and save some money?” – Kris Jackson